Here is a practical way to assure that the needs of people are not overlooked as churches grow. 

Telecare or Care Calling is a method for proactive polling of the households of a congregation by telephone. 

The conversations that take place during and after such calls lead to church caregivers responding to both discovered and anticipated needs. 

Households touched in this way do not resent telephone calls.  They respond positively to this show of interest.

Care Calling Champions are either staff or volunteer leaders who accept responsiblity for organizing care calling teams in their respective congregations.

One experienced and effective Care Calling Champion is the Rev. Bob Killion.  He organized and led care calling for six years (2001-2007) at the Christ Church of Nashville, TN.  He is an excellent source of information about best practices in Care Calling programs.

Bob Killion, originally from Illinois, has been a pastor since 1969 serving in Illinois and Georgia. He served 24 years in the United Methodist Church and 7 years as pastor of a non-denominational church he started.  He served on staff at Christ Church from 2001-2007, as the director of their Care Calling Ministry.

Bob is open to participating in web meetings.  If you will email, an online meeting time can be arranged.  There is no charge for the initial conference.